The Ensemble


Ensemble Seconda Prattica was founded by a group of musicians interested in the performance of seventeenth and eighteenth century repertoires on authentic instruments. The ensemble takes its name from an expression used by Claudio Monteverdi when replying to Giovanni Maria Artusi’s abusive attack regarding the style of Monteverdi’s Quinto libro de’ Madrigali (1605). Monteverdi explained that he didn’t follow the rules of the older tradition (prima prattica), proposing instead a new way of composing which he called the seconda prattica. Depending on the performance requirements of the music in question, the ensemble can vary from a minimum of three musicians to the dimensions of an orchestral ensemble. Even in the latter case, the ensemble does not employ a conductor, leaving instead the musical direction to the solo instrument or to the keyboard player, as was the custom in the Baroque and Classical periods.

Being also interested in choral repertoires, the group has collaborated on several occasions with I Cantori di Marostica (Vicenza). Since 2008 Ensemble Seconda Prattica has also been collaborating with the vocal ensemble L'Artifizio Armonico, performing, among other works, the Cantatas BWV 32 and 131 by J. S. Bach. The two ensembles have also made the first complete recording of the Psalmodia vespertina volans octo plenis vocibus concinenda by Agostino Steffani, a collection of 13 psalms and a Magnificat for double choir and continuo, edited by Diastema. In July 2012 the Ensemble played at XIX International Festival of Chamber music of Genova and Savona.


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